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PMC Jobs

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Project Management


BFU is a professional Project Management & Engineering consulting company offering customised, scientific and structured solutions to meet all your Project Management requirements. Our unique and innovative processes are a consequence of our extensive and in-depth mastery and technical knowledge in the specialized field of Project Management and its associated environments. Working in partnership with you, BFU provides the requisite leadership and impetus for the projects thereby helping you achieve optimum business results in the given time frame and budget.


BFU sound management practices, planned execution, mapping of risks at the initial stages and ‘Design Workshops’ play a pivotal role in providing clear perspective and in optimization and freezing of designs. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities translate to ‘Value Engineering’ in presenting alternatives and the latest technologies in construction. In tandem with this, efficient reporting and communication systems and quality audits conducted at regular intervals guarantee timely and safe delivery of projects. The impressive track record of BFU successful projects across diverse portfolios speaks volumes about our practices.

Program Management


For effective synchronization, co-ordination and communication BFU takes the responsibility of setting up the Project Management Office (PMO), as an extension to the Clients’ establishment.
The PMO assists the Clients and Stakeholders in making proactive and informed decisions. PMO is the single point of truth for successful program delivery. The program control services by BFU assist in managing cost, schedule and quality. Program specific performance indicators are defined to evaluate performance. The multifaceted nature of Program Management makes it imperative to map and quantify risks.BFU expertise in Risk and Value Management paves the way for performance improvements. We are thus valued for our advice and delivery. Driving excellence in all our processes has helped us scale enviable heights of achievement.

Cost Management

Dependable cost plans stem from rigorous Risk and Value Management. BFU ensures compliance to budget through disciplined Creep and Variation Management.

BFU offers a comprehensive framework designed to safeguard project welfare at every stage of design, procurement and construction. We are known to make accurate cost projections and do not guesstimate. Our confidence stems from our two decade long experience and domain knowledge in Cost Management. Working in collaboration with client, we help you achieve the desired rate of return on your capital investments.

Our Approach and Methodology

BFU follows a two pronged approach to Cost Management of, first fixing a budget and then managing the design to meet the budget. Cost engineers arrive at financially feasible solutions basing their decisions on BFU data matrix that captures the entire history of our project experience. Furthermore, interactions with all classes of international consultants has helped BFU gain exposure to procurement options across the globe and can also manage the supply chain efficiently. Seamlessly integrated into all this is our Value Engineering, Risk Management and Constructability audits and reviews for containing cost overruns.

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